Ufit Co., Ltd.

We are an edutech solution developer that focuses on writing and exchange.

There are so many different ways to learn

But when you learn what you've learned, you must writeis required.

relationship between instructor and student A.C Also very important.

Main solution

Digital pen + whiteboard blackboard + writing learning big data + customized artificial intelligence + mobile-based AI learning platform

Easy and effective classes in a variety of educational environments (group classes of up to 60 people in the classroom are possible)

Classes available both inside the classroom (face-to-face) and outside the classroom (non-face-to-face)

Major business history

SWExperience Center Future Education Facility

Sejong City/Busan Office of Education and many other facilities

2020 Edtech Korea Award

2020 EdTech Award Grand Prize Winner

Selected as Best Innovative Procurement in 2021

Innovative products presided over by the Public Demand Discovery Committee 2nd meeting
Delivery to schools that are conducting non-face-to-face education by expansion

KERIS  Future Education Experience Center

Determination of suitability in the contest for participating in the construction of the Future Education Experience Center
Daegu KERIS 4th floor future education experience center installation

Ministry of Education “E-Learning Globalization Project”

2020 Innovation Company Representative
2021 Serbia high-tech classroom construction project contract

2021 NIPA non-face-to-face Startup fostering business

Selected as a government project, remote solution for edtech start-up companies

2021,2022 NIA artificial intelligence learning data supply and demand business

High frequency error correction data by interface
essay data

2022,2023 TIPA Smart Care Strategic, Network Technology Development Project

Smartpen handwriting-based learner level analysis secondary mathematics AI education platform
AI visual perception and cognitive test learning automation smart healthcare service for children with spectrum disorders

2022,2023 NIPA Non-face-to-face leading service vitalization project in the field of daily life

Activate smart classroom products

Major installation cases