Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)

write on the blackboard

(many) write, store, and share.

As an electronic blackboard solution with no power, no electromagnetic waves, and no heat
Easy and effective delivery is possible in a variety of educational and business environments.

※ NetBoard is the previous version of 'write on the blackboard'.


write on the blackboard?

Smart blackboards, which allow teachers and learners to participate in interactive classes, are a global trend as well as domestic.
The reason why the penetration rate is still low at home and abroad is the high price of panels (LED, LCD) and the harmfulness of electromagnetic waves emitted from devices.
Therefore, 'Writing the Blackboard' has solved various problems such as the above. We present a model that perfectly combines online and offline for schools, academies, and companies where (multiple) write, store, and share technologies are needed.

Advantages of 'write on the blackboard'

No power! No fever! No electromagnetic waves!

Since all communication is done on the smartpen, the blackboard itself does not require a separate power supply, and there is no heat or electromagnetic waves.

Interactive learning platform

It is possible to have a fun participation class with interactive transmission technology, not a one-sided writing class.

Three functions in one!

Electronic blackboard + general whiteboard + large projection screen! An innovative 3-in-1 interactive whiteboard with 3 effects.

Reasonable price and A/S

Incomparable to LCD and LED electronic boards!
It offers the most reasonable price and almost no A/S due to lack of power.

super lightweight! Innovative thickness!

It boasts a light weight and slimness with a weight of 5Kg and a thickness of 19mm.
(with frame)

Can be installed anywhere!

It does not require a power source and can be installed anywhere in the classroom through its innovative thickness.
It can also be added to existing blackboard installations.

Using existing lecture materials 100%

You can use 100% lecture materials owned by the instructor.
(MS Office data, PDF, HWP, video, image, website)

One-click video recording function!

It is possible to record video of the computer screen, lecturer's voice, video and writing with one click.

Video lecture using 'write on the blackboard'!

The video was recorded through the 'write on the blackboard' writing program.

Product configuration (required)

electronic board

Electronic blackboard that does not require electricity with the best cost-effectiveness

see details

writing program

Real-time recording, transmission, and sharing of lecture, work, and meeting data

Dedicated smart pen (ADP-601)

Electronic board, monitor, teaching materials, and notebook records with one smart digital pen!

see details

Product configuration (optional)

bluetooth gateway

Required if the number of concurrent students is 20 or more.

beam projector

A beam projector with 3,400 ANSI or higher is recommended.

see details

exclusive note

A dot pattern exclusive notebook that works with electronic blackboards and digital pens.

product type

2400F seat (frame type)
3000F seat (frame type)
screen size
2400mm x 1200mm
3000mm X 1200mm
1.9mm (with frame)
1.9mm (with frame)
touch method
Dot pattern compatible optical digital pen sensor
Dot pattern compatible optical digital pen sensor

installation example



Established more than 300 schools, universities, companies, etc.



Established over 500 schools, businesses, etc.



Established over 350 smart classrooms.


Thailand, Vietnam

50 in Thailand and 20 in Vietnam.

write on the blackboard
August 8, 2022

'Write on the blackboard' electronic board

Introducing the 2400F and 3000F sheet (frame) type electronic blackboards.
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August 8, 2022

Digital Pen & Smartpen

A digital pen dedicated to 'Write on the blackboard' and 'Write the correct answer'! With PC and Bluetooth wireless transmission, there is no need for a separate cable...
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August 1, 2022

Featured Beam Projectors

Here is a recommended model for those who want to purchase a new beam projector to use 'write on the blackboard'. For purchasing inquiries, contact the head office (1544-9370)…
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November 30, 2020

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