Introducing the Class Scribo

write the correct answer

A digital diagnostic evaluation solution recognized overseas!

Automatic analysis of real-time scoring and solving time for each question!
Tsuda's unique analysis system accurately diagnoses students' weaknesses.

※ Class fit is the previous version of 'Write the correct answer'.

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write the correct answer?

Write the correct answer (Class Scribo) is a traditional analog method of diagnostic evaluation using dot pattern paper and
It can be easily changed to a digital diagnostic evaluation using a digital pen.
From test preparation to test, grading, and report card printing, you can use it with very simple operation.
It's a solution.

Product application number: 40-2018-0090928 / Patent application number: 10-2018-0082758

Advantages of 'Write the correct answer'

Just like the original test!

Are you hesitant to introduce a new solution? Evaluate with paper test papers and answer sheets in the same way as the existing test method.

Check real-time grades

After the end of the diagnostic evaluation, real-time grade check enables quick reinforcement learning.

Differentiated consulting materials

We provide differentiated counseling data, including time analysis by question and cumulative grade analysis of students.

cost reduction effect

OMR card reading and grade counting cost 0 wonno see.

Significant reduction in teacher work!

It reduces the burden of work such as scoring, checking grades, and printing report cards that occur after the test.

Analysis with Tsuda's unique algorithm

By analyzing the questions on the dedicated OMR sheet, it provides precise time and various performance analysis data.

rigorous time management training

The importance of time management is very important.
Through 'Write the correct answer', you can naturally practice solving time.

Even a diagnostic evaluation sheet is provided!

We also provide various test papers from verified publishers (planned).

Junggye-dong 00 Academy - Korean Mock Test Class


Product configuration (required)

installable software

The software can be downloaded from the download page.

see details

Online admin page

It provides various functions such as student management, report inquiry, and test paper creation.

Dedicated smart pen (ADP-601)

Electronic board, monitor, teaching materials, and notebook records with one smart digital pen!
It is required as many as the number of simultaneous access students.

see details

Dot Pattern OMR Sheet

Exclusive OMR Sheet with Anoto Dot Pattern Technology

see details

Product configuration (optional)

bluetooth gateway

Required if the number of concurrent students is 7 or more.

dot pattern test paper

A dot pattern is added to the diagnostic evaluation test strip. More precise time analysis is possible, if desired, please contact the head office.

smart pen charging box

Charging box for smart pen. (planned)

operating process

01. preparation

1) Dot pattern test papers (or general test papers), exclusive OMR sheets, and smart pens are given to students.
2) Execute the 'write correct answer' program.
3) Students enter basic information (name, application number) on the OMR sheet. The entered student information is automatically saved, so there is no need for separate student management.

02. test

Students solve problems using smart pens on the test papers and OMR sheets and record the correct answers.

03. scoring

– As soon as the test ends, multiple-choice questions are automatically scored in real time.
– Essay questions can be scored on the administrator screen.

04. report

– A report is created that includes solving time for each question and grade analysis for each area.
– Provides reports for students, teachers, and directors.

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