“AI visual perception and cognitive test/learning automation smart healthcare service for children with spectrum disorders”

Small and Medium Business Technology Information Promotion Agency (TIPA) Smart Care Strategic Development Project

Separation of problem image using digital pen and pure handwriting drawing image → AI analysis → automatic scoring study


“Smart pen handwriting data-based learner level analysis secondary mathematics AI education platform”

Small and Medium Business Technology Information Promotion Agency (TIPA) network type technology development project

Development of smart pen and mobile interlocking communication technology


"Smart classroom product activation business"

National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) project to promote non-face-to-face leading services in the field of daily life

Development of face-to-face two-way class environment, strengthening concentration, and interlocking service for facial recognition and eye tracking to prevent cheating


“Advanced Hangeul Correction Solution and Various Spelling Correction Solutions”

Korea Intelligent Information Society Agency (NIA) High-frequency error correction data supply and demand project by interface (keyboard/voice)

Research on typographical correction and spell check auto-completion application service


“Securing automatic evaluation technology for student essay writing and intelligent student evaluation service”

Korea Intelligence Information Society Agency (NIA) Artificial Intelligence Learning Essay Data Supply and Demand Project

Essay writing data automatic evaluation solution research


“Development of personalized learning and tutoring platform using AI based on learning process analysis and big data”

Small and Medium Business Technology Information Promotion Agency (TIPA) New product development support project with purchase conditions

Development of an integrated platform that can interactively conduct and share classes in face-to-face and non-face-to-face situations


“Development of individual weakness complement measures and mutual exchange APP using AI”

Small and Medium Business Technology Information Promotion Agency (TIPA) stepping stone R&D support project

Development of mobile support that can share class contents even in non-face-to-face situations


“Product improvement and web contents service development through Bluetooth communication module advancement”

Small and Medium Business Technology Information Promotion Agency (TIPA) R&D support project

Existing Bluetooth module: Simultaneous use of 2 to 7 digital pens >  60people can connect at the same time, Transmitted to one communication control module in case of simultaneous access
> speed up the processing of data 10msbelow(Success judgment)


“Acquisition of patent for digital test management and analysis method and system using smart pen”

Development of data supply and demand solution for learning process analysis and acquisition of rights

Obtained a patent related to digital test management and analysis using a smart pen